Shastro is a multi-instrumentalist, born in Italy. The development of his unique musical style evolved over many years during his frequent visits to other countries such as Spain, Turkey, Africa, South America and India. These journeys were inspired by a spiritual search that led him to experience meditation in India and creating music for various meditation techniques. His music can best be described as relaxed world music. He performs on Spanish guitar, Indian Bansuri flute, Clarinet, African Kora harp, Indian Dilruba, Native American flutes and other ethnic instruments all with equal ease and beauty, integrating sometime ancient instruments into a compelling contemporary sound. Shastro specializes in music to drift away on - even his upbeat titles exude this relaxed soothing effect.

Shastro is the president of Malimba Records that he founded in 1997 to help distribute his music as well as the music of several other musicians and friends.
At present he has created 15 albums for the label's catalog  -see below. Only his very first recording is not in the catalog: the music for the popular Osho No Dimension Meditation (read the story of the creation HERE).

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Music Meditations with Shastro  

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Articles by Shastro: 

Sound, Silence and the exploration of Consciousness

You, me and the Planet 

Sha av garden
  "To me Shastro represents the epitome of New Age Artists. His music is so gentle, sweet, and filled with light that to hear it is to smile and take a deep breath, no matter how tense and nervous you might be."
- Steve Ryals, music reviewer

"Shastro has proven himself as one of the more versatile performers in the realm of world fusion music - an artist who never fails to surprise and enchant with every sound-scape he creates."
- Music Design In Review



Shangri-La by Shastro • MB0023 (2017)


 This new single comprises of two tracks, the first one Inspired by the search and the second one by the discover of the legendary Shangri-La. The first one is the "alap" - or non-rhythmic introduction - to the second one.  

Through the years Shangri-La has become synonymous with an earthly paradise where people lived in union and harmony with themselves and each other. 

We feel that Shangri-La does indeed exist but the road to get there goes through our inner beingness.Therefore can only be found by entering the inner shrine.

This music is dedicated to that intimate journey.

Shastro plays:
Spanish guitar, bansuri flutes, dilruba, frame drum, udus, vocals, hand percussions, ambient sounds.

Tot. time: 13:35 


Talking to nature live art
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Talking to Nature - Live in Thailand 

by Shastro • MB0022 (2017)


With this digital-only single track release we bring you a beautiful improvisation by Shastro of the same track from the album Satsang. 

Played during a Music Satsang Meditation held on the island of Koh Phangan in Thailand, this live recording takes one straight into the atmosphere of deep meditation that was very palpable during the event. 


Satsang by Shastro • MB5412 (2017)

Music with a relaxing slow pace to bask in anytime one needs  a tranquil and almost mystical time.
Shastro brings forth within the heart of each listener a magical journey that unfolds through spacious soundscapes colored by the sweet call of the bansuri flute, the evocative strings of the dilruba, the deep earthy tones of his clarinet, the echo of a piano and the accompaniment of his expansive guitar.

Over the last few years I have enjoyed participating in Satsang gatherings in which I share some of my meditative music interspersed with long periods of  silence. These precious experiences have inspired me to create this new album. In making it I kept the arrangements simple and the pace slow in order to facilitate in the listener a meditative mood, a space where one can connect with the quiet place within.
- Shastro 

"The CD is a culmination of a remarkable quarter century as composer and recording artist, which has resulted in the release of fifteen albums and covered a wide range of musical territory. Putting Satsang in context requires that I take this opportunity of first reviewing and celebrating the career of someone who is both a close friend and a musician I admire...."

read the whole article HERE

- Reviewed by Chinmaya Dunster for Osho News Online

Zen Moments by Shastro & Raphael • MB4812 (2015)

The intent of Shastro and Raphael in creating this album was to provide one hour of music to help listeners access a deeper space within themselves. For this reason a particular emphasis was put not only on the notes that are being played but also on the silences in between them. The result of this dialectical process is a profound space where one can let go into the music and relax deeply into the present moment.
The main format of the album is that of improvisation between two beautiful acoustic instruments - harp and clarinet - creating a dialogue that feels always spontaneous, fresh and alive with loving presence.

Following the footsteps of Shastro's previous release Zen Notes, this music will be the ideal companion for any activity - or non-activity! - where this delicate balance between sound and silence is required, where a meditative space is desired.

"This beautiful new release by Shastro and Raphael is elegant in its serenity and the contemplative ambiance it creates."
  - Michael Diamond on Awareness Magazine

"I just love your music, Shastro. It makes me go deep inside my soul... Zen Moments is a wonderful work as the rest of yours. Namaskar."
- Patricia from Cordoba, Argentina

Lovers Night by Shastro • MB4412 (2014)

For those of you who have enjoyed Tantric Heart, this long awaited new release by Shastro will be the perfect new addition to your collection of relaxed and sensual music. The slower pacing of Lovers Night indeed has the same qualities of sensuality but invites a more intimate and languid movement in both mind and body. The unhurried, often sultry and seductive sounds of the clarinet are in the forefront in this album and are heartened with the ever present romantic qualities of Shastro’s guitar, all supported by a tapestry of delicate and mysterious rhythms. Next time you need music for a massage, a hot bath to unwind, a restorative yoga session or music to share with a partner in intimate moments, this is the soundtrack for you.

"LOVERS NIGHT is Shastro at his best... truly romantic... passionate... sensual. Sit back, relax and enjoy the pure beauty of his masterful work of art. It has touched my heart in ways you'll need to hear for yourself "
- Liz Doan / Music Design

"Lovers Night is a recording that bathes the listener in
a sensual warmth and gentle passion…"

- Bill Binkelman, Retailing Insight

Be the light 400x370
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Be the Light by Shastro • MB4312 (2013)

An alluring compilation of some of Shastro’s most mystical music, featuring the sounds that through the years became his trademark, like his Spanish guitar, ethnic flutes and hypnotic vocals. Infused by the many years of meditation and search for the divine, this music will lead you on a magical journey from the depth of your Being to the stars. Over an hour of music to create a deep, relaxed and harmonious ambiance.

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Shastro writes about Be the Light:
By "light" I refer to the flame of consciousness that burns inside each one of us. It has been called by many names: presence, witness, soul, higher self, true nature, being,’s what will be left once our bodies return to the elements and it’s what was there before our bodies were born. It's every person’s direct source to true wisdom, infinitely deeper and more vast than any belief system one might have. It's what all the enlightened mystics who have walked the planet have been again and again pointing us toward. We are indeed living in interesting times; many of our political and religious leaders, mainstream medias, multinational corporations, banking systems, are all contributing in a massive propaganda to keep man in fear and in control through both psychological conditioning and financial slavery. Yet, on the other end we are also seeing in people a growing interest to get in touch with the deeper truth that lays within themselves. On a planetary level we are witnessing an awakening of consciousness and an increase in the awareness that we are not separate from each other and from the planet but we are all living parts of a wondrous, universal organic whole. Indeed I see no easier way to dispel the darkness on the planet than for each of us to experience our inner light, to discover who is looking through our own eyes as the poet and mystic Rumi would say.

In creating this musical collection, I looked for the music that to me most points toward the Source, music that would inspire and nudge one toward that light, like a finger pointing to the moon.

BodyHealing by Shastro & Nanda Re • MB3312 (2009)

BodyHealing - the fruitful collaboration between Shastro and shamanic healer/musician Nanda Re - was specifically created to support all healing modalities and to help increase one's sense of harmony with nature and with oneself.

Shastro's flutes are purposefully interwoven with Nanda Re's music tapestries, where cosmic and kinesiological principles are used to help unfold the full effect of the music tones. This unique sound experience is further enriched by the connection of shamanic knowledge and the power of mantras. 

BodyHealing takes place in a world of gentle rhythmic, flowing and multilayered sounds. Soft acoustic percussion with chill-out elements, singing bowls and bells, the sound of the ocean, tambura, harp and the orchestra strings lay the foundation for the soothing melodies of the cello, flute and ud as well as for the gently sung mantras, creating one hour of pure peace, spaciousness and tranquility.

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Tantric Heart by Shastro • MB5012 (2000)

COVR 2001 Award: Best New Age Album Nominee
AFIM 2001 Indie Award: Best New Age Album Nominee

With this all time best-seller, Shastro once more displays his ability to convey the qualities of magic and sensuality with his music. Silky grooves, magic melodies, tasteful arrangements and exotic eastern flavors make Tantric Heart a perfect companion for special intimate moments. Also excellent for massage and relaxation.

"Shastro has created music that resonates with spiritual magnetism - music that calls to the heart."
- Music Design In Review

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Shamans' Healing by Shastro • MB1312 (2002)

2003 Visionary Music Awards:
Best Healing/Meditation Album WINNER

A flute-centered album created specifically to support healing and relaxation, where native flutes, soft drums and ethnic percussion create an earthy, relaxed atmosphere. This music was created in the spirit of restoring harmony with the earth and recalling our own innate capacity for self-healing and is ideal for bodywork, yoga and the healing arts or simply for relaxed listening.

Shamanism is an ancient form of healing practiced by indigenous peoples across the world including places like Mongolia, Peru, Tibet, Siberia, Native America and Alaska and is distinguished by a belief in an unseen world of gods, demons, and ancestral spirits. The basis of the shamanic perspective is that the universe is a living organism with all of its components being spiritual entities. The foundation of well-being and health is living in harmony with the earth. The shaman, often holding the role of priest, magician or healer, holds an awareness and knowledge of other realms of being and consciousness. Through making contact with the supernatural world with the help of the spirits, the shaman serves as a bridge between the mundane and higher and lower states of being. At times, the shaman uses drumming, chanting, flutes, and rattles during healing ceremonies.

Shamans h 400 pxl

"One of the most profoundly healing titles of the year " 
- New Age Retailer, USA

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Earth sutras 400pxl
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Earth Sutras by Shastro • MB1912 (2004)

Earth Sutras evokes qualities of sacred sensuality, weaving poetic instrumental tapestries with nature sounds and slow, earthy grooves. In this long awaited follow-up to his best seller Tantric Heart, Shastro beautifully performs on a variety of exotic instruments including Native American and bamboo flutes, guitar, Indian dilruba and Brazilian berimbau.
This album is dedicated to the sacred temple Planet Earth.

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Zen Notes by Shastro & Nadama • MB3012 (1999)

New Age Voice 2000 Award:
Best Healing/Meditation Album nominee

Zen Notes is an exquisite musical dialogue between clarinet and piano, weaving through Eastern and Western styles and the ambient sounds of nature. Within this delicate tapestry of sound and silence, Shastro and Nadama combine their music with meditation, to create a profoundly relaxing experience - a soothing atmosphere for healing, meditation practice or relaxation - a real stress reliever and a quiet classic.

"Shastro and Nadama is a revelation! There is nothing superfluous, everything is precisely where it should be. A perfect CD for any activity that invites the soothing atmosphere this music creates." 
- Health & Spirit, Houston

"The two artist interact spontaneously and harmoniously to create a lush alchemy of meditative, centered peace."
- Massage Magazine

Reiki Offering by Shastro & Nadama • MB8012 (2001)

2002 COVR Awards: Best Healing Album WINNER
5th NAV Music Awards: Best Healing Album Nominee

Gentle and soothing music which creates a beautiful healing environment. Reiki Offering gives peace, calmness and serenity to your heart, body and mind. It features spacious flute, delicate piano and rich ambient textures. Composed specifically for Reiki Healing, an ancient technique channeling universal energy through the hands, it also comes highly recommended as supportive music for massage, Yoga, Tai-Chi, de-stress, relaxation and any form of Healing Arts.

A delicate bell chimes twice approximately every three minutes as a reference point for reiki practitioners to change hand position.

"I was seeking relaxing music for massage and de-stressing in the evening before bed. I found this album to be an excellent choice for that purpose. The music is restful and healing. Shastro and Nadama encourage you to enter a seductively gentle oasis of sound and there provide a balm for the stresses of modern life." - Starshine on

Oasis Night by Shastro • MB7012 (2001)

5th New Age Voice Music Awards:
Best New Age Album WINNER

Very smooth and warm grooves are combined with melodic world elements from India, the Middle-East, Africa and Spain, to create this compelling new release by Shastro. It features his exotic guitar style, bamboo flutes and a rich variety of ethnic instruments.

Two years in production has made Oasis Night Shastro's most highly-crafted work so far, filled with lush textures and fine detail. If you enjoyed any of his previous releases, don't miss this one!
" This is a heartfelt recording from an artist who just keeps getting better, and his growing audience reaps the rewards."
- NAPRA ReView

"Shastro is back with his most compelling offering to date. Mellow grooves mixed with sweet melodies create a relaxed ambience, an invitation to drop the cares of the day and slip into an oasis of peace. This is one of those albums that you can play over and over without tiring of it. My favorite Shastro album so far, Oasis Night is sure to intoxicate dedicated and new fans."
- New Age Retailer

Shambala 400px
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Shambala by Shastro • MB2012 (1998)  

With Spanish guitar, Kora harp, flutes and sensuous vocals, Shastro created this soothing and healing music inspired by the vision of Shambala.

" I just love the soothing almost mystic sound of Shambala. It is wonderful to simply allow myself to drift with the gentle voices and the music. Often I use it too when I do body work and it supports my clients to relax without passing out. I liked the CD so much, that I bought several copies as gifts to share with my friends."
- A music fan on

Malimba Moon by Shastro • MB1012 (1997)

As with his previous release, Bandolé, Shastro will again capture your heart and send it dancing to enchantingly warm and uplifting melodies. Combining nouveau flamenco guitar with flutes, vocal harmonies and ethnic percussion, Shastro creates an exquisite blend of Latin rhythms and world music.

"A must have for music lovers, Malimba Moon will turn your home or office into a tropical fantasy. Shastro has combined soothing rhythyms with melodic vocals and rain forest sounds to create this masterpiece. Everyone I've shared this with has fallen in love with it as well. I listen to this album at work every day and it helps the day go by a little more smoothly. Very relaxing, but it won't put you to sleep. Way to go Shastro!" - Melissa Clary (on Tampa, FL
Malimba moon 400 pxl
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Shanay Mystic Trance by Shastro • MB4012 (1996)

Shanay is spacious and soothing music embellished with the warmth of Spanish guitar and interlaced with the exquisite tones of hammered dulcimer, silver flute and cello. The mystical sound of the Nai flute and the hypnotic phrases of the vocal lines lift us higher on their wings toward the sky, while the circular rhythms of soft drums deepen our roots in the earth - a very relaxing and heartful trance-like experience. Featuring soulful vocals by Ellika Hansen and Surabhi.

" Shanay is one of the most relaxing recordings you can could play equally well in a massage therapist's office or in your home after work. Also good for moving meditations and dance. A sweet and peaceful aura lingers wherever it is played." - New Age Voice

"This is one of the best CD's available for the New Age collector. The soothing melodies of great musical artists blend into sheer listening pleasure for everyone in the family. Even my teenage children enjoyed the relaxing sounds that this album commands. Absolutely a must for the most selective music lover." - Brian, Cleveland, on

Bandolè! by Shastro • MB1112 (1994)
with special guest: GOVI

In an old gypsy tale, it is said that Bandolé (the heavenly spirit of eternal bliss) descends on earth and becomes one with those who sing, dance and play music in utter joy and contentment. With an exquisite blend of joyful melodies and warm latin rhythms accompanied by Spanish guitar, Persian santoor, Indian bamboo flute, latin percussion, sax and vocals, Shastro easily transports us into this spirit of Bandolé.

" Bandolè is a compilation of finely textured, delightful melodies with warm Latin Rhythms. Shastro, as the composer and arranger, shows his keen direction and clever musical insights. Govi's flamenco and Brazilian style guitar playing is the sound that pulls the tracks together. Still, it is the alto sax on cuts like Kinana's Lullaby and the captivating vocal harmony on several pieces that really sets this album apart from flamenco music you may have heard before. To provide even more interest, Shastro has added African and Pacific Island world music qualities to several cuts." - All Music Guide

"New age music is meant to reassure and to calm... and like the short, warm poems printed in the Bandole jacket, Shastro's seamless works in this album soothe and engross. The music of this peaceful man is magically empowered to lift the spirit and fill the room with peace and wonder. It is not 'sleepy', it is not rancorous, weird or obscure... just brightly colorful, playfully mysterious, and like candy to the ear! I have over 700 CDs, and this in in my top five! "- James K. Fowler (on Magnolia, TX


Shastro, I just wanted to reach out and tell you how appreciative I am of you. Your music is truly divinely inspired and every fiber in my spirit can feel that. I have been listening to you for years and am so excited about your new Satsang album! I am a psychiatric nurse for the last 18 years in a psychiatric intensive care unit. I have played your music for my patients countless times and the soothing effect it has on them is better than the medication I give! Earth Sutras is especially effective and one of my favorites. Once again, thank you so much for bringing a piece of heaven to earth with your gift!  With Love and Light, Rebecca


Zen Moments:

One of the most consistently excellent labels in New Age music today, Malimba Records never fails to impress. Zen Moments, featuring Shastro (clarinet) and Raphael (harp) is a high point in the label's catalog when it comes to serene, contemplative music.
Largely improvisational, stressing the silence between notes as well as the sparse melodies themselves, Shastro and Raphael intertwine, coalesce, drift apart, and recombine in subtle patterns, reflecting the album's title perfectly.
The CD is a "must recommendation" to your massage therapist customers and can also be suggested to those purchasing spa or relaxation products. Beauty and bliss abound.
 - Bill Binkelman for Retailing Insight magazine

Graceful instrumentation welcomes the listener to ZEN MOMENTS, an acoustic album that highlights the exquisite interplay of Shastro and Raphael. On the album, Shastro plays the clarinet and Raphael plays the harp. Despite being two Western instruments, the music shimmers with Far Eastern charm, due largely to the manner in which the instruments are played. Shastro's clarinet utilizes the role often dedicated to the shakuhachi flute in zen-themed albums; the clarinet has a softer, buttery smooth sound that works perfectly for creating a sound that is calm and natural. The harp takes on a zither-like feel in the hands of Raphael, adding to the album's enchantment. The combination makes for a quiet, Japanese-tinged musical experience that is perfect for meditation. - Dan Cowan on Music Design In Review

The combination of these two instruments as well as the album title flashed me back to a 1964 album called Music For Zen Meditation that is considered by many to be the first new age album and featured clarinet and a Japanese harp-like Koto.
This beautiful new release by Shastro and Raphael, recorded in Tuscany, Italy, is elegant in its serenity and the contemplative ambiance it creates.
- Michael Diamond on Awareness Magazine

Lovers Night:

Sensuality entwines with tranquility in this long awaited album from Shastro. LOVERS NIGHT offers music that is rich in warmth and softness. The melodies bear the breezy sound of tropical guitars and subtle percussion, while clarinet wafts by on waves of soft synthesizer atmosphere. The music was designed as a gentle companion for either intimacy with a loved one or solitary pleasures, like a warm bath or an evening of relaxation. In either case, it provides a peaceful environment that encourages one to indulge rest and romance. The mix of clarinet and sunny guitar is a winning combination - the guitars, particularly on "Letting Go" give the ambience of a moonlit evening in the Caribbean. There are four tracks in total, each is long-form and features fluid melodies.   - MD In Review

Be the Light:

Multi-instrumentalist Shastro has been charming listeners for years with his unique approach to world music, which blends colorful rhythms with a sense of breezy relaxation. BE THE LIGHT is a compilation of highlights from Shastro's past releases, featuring a mosaic of different sounds joined to create a sense of mystical enchantment. Flutes dance alongside dulcimer, guitar, kora and mellow African percussion. Ethereal vocal samples float in and out of the recording, while keyboards help to craft an atmosphere of dreamy tranquility. 'Walk Gently,' an excerpt from a longer track originally included on EARTH SUTRAS, is particularly absorbing, featuring the soft, sensual strumming of a Spanish guitar alongside soft Native American flute harmonies. Other standouts include 'Owl's Dream' and 'Gaia.' - Music Design

Culled from five previous releases of ace multi-instrumentalist Shastro (guitar, flute, kora, clarinet, percussion, santoor, synth programming), these nine tracks represent (per the liner notes) "…some of Shastro's most mystical music." I would add that it also amply demonstrates his versatility at and talent for melding New Age and world beat music in a variety of ways, displaying an affinity for numerous influences, including Mediterranean, Indian, Middle Eastern, and Native American, as well as some pop/folk flavors sprinkled here and there which only adds to the accessibility quotient. All but one song feature pleasantly languid rhythms, some with a strong sensual allure. - Bill Binkelman Retailing Insight


For BODYHEALING, veteran multi-instrumentalist Shastro teams up with shamanic healer Nanda Re to musically pay his respects to the glory of the natural world. Soft lightly rhythmic pieces are the focus of BODYHEALING, featuring music taps into the key tone of 'G' - a revitalizing tone that corresponds with the energy of the root chakra. Shastro plays the flute on the recording, as Nanda Re weaves her texture of lush nature sounds, tamboura, harp, strings, keyboard ambience and singing bowls. The music moves at a gentle, relaxed pace, matching well with the ocean waves and wind gusts that weave through the backdrops. The music was created with the goals of increasing your connection with the natural world and providing a spacious atmosphere for relaxation - it succeeds at both tasks. - Music Design In Review

Recordings don't get much more relaxing than Body Healing - New Age Retailer

The essence of nature and the bliss of relaxation are joined in the absorbing soundscapes of Shastro and shamanic healer Nanda Re. The music has a faint Asian flair to it, featuring instruments like the tamboura and singing bowls blended with strings, harp, keyboards and the haunting flute playing of Shastro. - Music Design In Review

This CD has become my favorite to use in my massage practice. Everyone that I massage has loved it. Its very relaxing and beautiful music - I can listen to it all day on repeat, and not get tired of it. - JennyE on

Tantric Heart:

This dreamy magical recording was inspired by Shastro's visits to the ancient tantric temples of Northern India. While all of Shastro's recordings portray hints of romance, 'Tantric Heart' is particularly sensual. Soft, rhythmic guitar melodies form the core of 'Embrace' the first cut on this two-track recording. 'Embrace' evokes the warm, gentle breezes and soft rains of Shastro's Hawaiian homeland, but at the same time reaches beyond the pacific into the Mediterranean, India and more. It is difficult to resist melting and merging with the soothing, flowing grooves of this 20-minute piece. The second cut, 'The Diamond and the Lotus', is more reminiscent of India's Kujaraho Temples. Classical Indian instruments such as santoor, dilruba, sarod, and tabla lend a deep, ancient tone to Shastro's composition, which includes traditional Indian musical forms and the soft chanting of the Sanskrit mantra 'Om Mani Padme Hum'. Together, Tantric Heart's two long cuts carry you away on an ocean of serenity. - NAPRA ReVIEW

Beautiful new music!! ... striking artwork, deep feeling, transformative gentleness and a sense of the divine in its exotic flavors!! - Lloyd Barde of Backroads Music

Shastro has created music that resonates with spiritual magnetism - music that calls to the heart. - Music Design In Review

This would be a great soundtrack for the temple of the bedroom, as well as any activity calling for a balance between meditation and action. This recording should do extremely well for stores that play it over their stereo system ... the music is fully imbued with a light, spiritual sensibility. - New Age Voice

We are very fond of this artist, and his latest Tantric Heart elevates Shastro even higher on our list! - Heartbeats Catalog

I purchased the 'Tantric Heart' CD the other day and have playing it ever since. I am a Pilates Trainer and have all of my clients requesting your music now while they workout. Thank you. - Deborah Thorne

Thank you, Shastro, for creating music that is exactly as it says: Music for Lovers. The first track 'Embrace' stopped me in my tracks. It is music that breathes softly and tenderly, holding the space like the embrace of one's beloved. The second track is possibly the most soothing music I have ever heard, and lulled me into a space of deep relaxation, its simplicity creating an amazing calm inside. - Surabhi, UK

Shamans' Healing

The gentle flute music on Shamans' Healing invokes the unseen worlds of gods and ancestral spirits...
One of the most profoundly healing titles of the year.
  - New Age Retailer

Shamans' Healing is a CD in which one can let go of stress, worry and just plain thought, to relax and enjoy the visionary journey for the heart's content.   - Joy Morgan, Reiki Healer, Texas
As a massage therapist, I'm always looking for relaxing music for my clients. This one is just right. I highly recommend it.
- Vicki M. Fanney Washington DC, on

This is a wonderful CD! I have always felt that I go to a special place when I listen to flute playing and this is no exception! My Massage therapist uses her copy during her massage sessions and is very pleased with it also.
- K. Kirsling on

Earth Sutras:

Shastro, a prominent, longtime member of the New Age musical community, adds to his extended body of distinguished work with Earth Sutras. He calls attention to the plight of the planet with this album. Four continuous tracks create an hour of music that bring to life Shastro's desire to promote global well-being. Using his language of music, Shastro takes listeners on a journey through the natural world of Hawaii, where he lives and finds inspiration. With flutes, guitar, percussion, keyboards, and other instrumentation, Shastro gives voice to his experiences. "Sutras are usually short, written sentences that describe universal truths," he writes in the liner notes. "When I am in nature, I hear sutras all around me." Earth Sutras is a good album to play in your store and to recommend to customers who want unobtrusive music to help them relax. - New Age Retailer Magazine

The calming sounds of bansuri flute, piano and subtle guitar strumming lie at the heart of this meditative endeavor from multi-instrumentalist Shastro. Earth Sutras is comprised of four instrumental pieces. 'Walk Gently' and 'Dikara', the two middle tracks, are a pair of long-form pieces that incorporate delicate rhythms and soft flowing instrumentation into a mellow, atmospheric backdrop. The bookend tracks are shorter in length - the first, titled 'Coqui Sutra' is a quiet opening selection that features an ambient backdrop of frog sounds, while 'Gaia', the closing tune, offers a laid-back groove comprised of guitar strumming and light Asian instrumentation. All four pieces have a certain 'natural' quality to them, which falls in line with the album's sub-title 'Walk Gently On the Earth'. - Music Design In Review

I have recently purchased the cd "Earth Sutras" by Shastro and I am completely breathtaken! It far surpasses my great love for Tantric Heart and Reiki Offering. The intensity of the spiritual message in every note is truly inspiring and strikes a chord so deeply in my heart and soul that it brings tears to my eyes. Thank you for producing transformational music such as this. - Lauren Lindeman

Oasis Night:

... the exotic and captivatingly melodic sounds of Oasis Night fills you with sensual sounds of mystifing flutes and a rich mix of ethnic instrumentals ... it will take you on a journey to places you have only dreamed of. - White Swan

If you've dabbled in new age music and perhaps ventured into Enya, then this is the next cd for you. It is upbeat yet relaxing. As soon as it is finished I press play again. I listen to it when I'm writing, beading, zoning out on the stairmaster, in the bath. His combo of instruments and melodies is so relaxing, yet not hypnotic. If you have an aversion to monotone type new age,(with no melody) this is a wonderful cd for you. - Jan Hubbell, Montclair, NJ on


... extremely versatile, masterfully played. - NAPRA ReView
To me Shastro represents the epitome of New Age Artists. His music is so gentle, sweet, and filled with light that to hear it is to smile and take a deep breath, no matter how tense and nervous you might be. I suggest a display featuring all of Shastro's excellent releases. - Steve Ryals - New Age Retailer

I'm prejudiced. I love everything Shastro does. He's an accomplished musical artist with command of many instruments and aural textures. If you want music to chill you down, something really laid back and beautiful, get Shambala. Shastro brings the peace, tranquility and beauty of Maui into your heart and soul with this music.
- A listener from the store

I ordered this on the advise of a friend. What a relaxing CD. If you are looking for something that you can sit back in your recliner and forget about your troubles or something relaxing to drive to, don't pass up this CD. - E. Bounds on

Zen Notes:

This recording instantly brings one to a place of deep peace and centered relaxation. Shastro's lush clarinet melodies meld with Nadama's brilliant piano strokes to form an exquisite alchemy. Indeed, the two musicians seem to be in perfect syncronicity with each other, with Mother Nature and with the profound spiritual force that inspired this music.
- NAPRA ReView

The calming effect of ZeNotes is like a blanket that comforts and quiets the mind, making this a fine tool to use for meditation, massage, healing work and sleep. So if you need to enhance your spiritual focus or simply de-stress your mind and body, I highly recommend Zen Notes. - Omega Directory

Shanay is a spacious, yet relaxing blend of sounds that puts the listener into a gentle, serene state. Shanay is an excellent meditation and relaxation tool, and is the perfect conduit for a deep inner journey.- NAPRA ReView

Shanay Mystic Trance:

A heartfelt trance-like experience you won't want to end! - Backroad Music

I've spent thousands of dollars on music and for wonderfully textured musical tapestries, this CD tops the collection. I've listened to this CD more than any other in my 500+ collection. Need more be said? SHANAY is a must have!
- A music fan from Kansas City, MO, USA
This is one of the best CD's available for the New Age collector. The soothing melodies of great musical artists blend into sheer listening pleasure for everyone in the family. Even my teenage children enjoyed the relaxing sounds that this album commands. Absolutely a must for the most selective music lover. - Brian, Cleveland, on

Malimba Moon:

Malimba Moon uniquely captures your heart with an exquisite blend of lively Latin rhythms, smooth jazz and world music. - Music Design

Shastro's eclectic Malimba Moon combines his gentle flamenco guitar with relaxed, softly simmering ethnic percussion, smooth-toned woodwinds and occasional chanted harmony vocals. The effect is like that of a warm summer night ...
- All Music Guide

A must have for music lovers, Malimba Moon will turn your home or office into a tropical fantasy. Shastro has combined soothing rhythyms with melodic vocals and rain forest sounds to create this masterpiece. Everyone I've shared this with has fallen in love with it as well. I listen to this album at work every day and it helps the day go by a little more smoothly. Very relaxing, but it won't put you to sleep. Way to go Shastro! - Melissa Clary (on Tampa, FL

This is my favorite of all the Shasto CD's. His use of various instruments keeps the music varied and delightful. I especially like this music as a background for my underwater videos. All my friends that have heard it, love it and have purchased it. It has an upbeat mix of the hawaiian island sounds. You can't go wrong with this one.
- Ron Sills (on Rio Rancho, NM



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